ICT Expo 2015

April 16, 2015

P2 Sponsors the Free Wi-Fi Service at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Pavilion of the ICT Expo 2015

In the recent ICT Expo 2015 held at HKCEC from 13-16 April, P2 is honoured to be the official sponsor for the free Wi-Fi service at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Pavilion, providing technical support and wireless network deployment service. Delivered by MeshRanger Xtreme and Widensity ACe, the high-speed Wi-Fi network serves a total of ten exhibitors in the booth. As the mesh network requires not a single piece of able, this flexibility makes it incredibly easier to set up a private network for in-booth use. Without the constraint of the position of the Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi access point can be set up freely at the most suitable location to maximize the coverage and performance of the Wi-Fi network. Just within minutes, a reliable network is set up and ready to use. Despite the flexibility of installation, the Wi-Fi performance will not be compromised but rather be enhanced with P2 patented wireless mesh networking technologies, ensuring a smooth and stable network for all the three days of the expo.