MeshProvision Server

Instant Network Monitoring with Real-time Graphical Representation

SmartMesh linkage lets you visualize the signal strength of different backbone radio and various important information for a reliable and secure mesh network.
Client traffic monitoring provides real-time network insight such as MAC address, signal strength, transmission and receive packet etc., assisting network administrators in achieving better network management by optimizing both the end-user experience and network security.
See your wireless network on a single pane, so that you can locate every wireless access point on your customized map.
Web-based platform can be accessed anywhere in the world for convenient monitoring.

Easy-to-use Smart Device Settings

Use SSID profile to organize basic device settings like SSID and encryption methods for easy review and future use. Establish basic yet totally usable Wi-Fi coverage instantly.
User-centric approach of network configuration, manage the user privileges setting, encryption method, QoS restrictions etc. for different SSID accordingly for an efficient access policy implementation.
Easily apply device settings in a user-friendly drag-n-drop manner.
Conveniently provision and configure all the P2 devices in the network right from your fingertips, broadcasting the configuration to all the access points with a single click.

System Log and Email Alert System

Comprehensive system logs keep track of the general activities of the network including user association, network device connection status and device status etc.
Customize email alerts for different network error so that the right people are informed for various cases

No Single-Point-of-Failure

Unlike a WLAN controller (or so-called access controller), the MeshProvision Server is NOT required to be running for the wireless network to operate. In other words, it can be shut down without affecting the wireless mesh network at all. Therefore, it will never be the Single-Point-Of-Failure by any means.


PDF      MeshProvision Server Datasheet